What Teachers are Saying

"Awesome Training! Instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic with the presentation and material. Can't wait for the next training!" Jeff Martin, Pittsburgh Public PE Teacher

"At the beginning of the day, I thought there was no way I could use this with my 7th grade class.  However, I then realized that this is exactly what they need to calm them down. I learned a lot about how to use yoga in PE."  Kaleena Dunkle, Pittsburgh Public PE Teacher

"A great training for those who are unsure about how to teach yoga!" Mike Murray, Pittsburgh Public PE Teacher

"Yoga has helped me a lot. I am a better teacher for it." Sara Boggess, Pittsburgh Public PE Teacher

“Care for our selves = Care for others. Thank you Joanne, for reminding me to care for myself using the Yoga Ed tools and other inspirational materials. Here I come, world!” Rosemary Feely-Tierney; Dance/Yoga Instructor/Pre K-8

“Yoga Ed is for everyone. It is the most practical, user-friendly tool to guide young and old to a more satisfying and meaningful life.” Brenda Folger; 6-8 Health Ed

“Today’s training was a lot of fun! Joanne was very knowledgeable and presented material/information that was hands-on and very applicable to my classroom. I would come back again!” Patricia Jacobs; Pre-K, Spec. Ed Colonial School District, DE

“As a yoga teacher and guidance counselor, I am beyond impressed with the wealth of information and the talent and knowledge of the instructor in making an extremely valuable presentation. This workshop was well beyond my expectations. Thank you for a wonderful experience.” Catherine Mink; Counselor, 3-5, PA

“Easy to incorporate into day!” Kathy Madden; 5th Grade, Souderton School District

“I have students with perfectionism, over-activity problems, etc. I’m hoping to use these tools to let them learn how to manage their own emotional state.” Maria Selke; K-5 Gifted

“I think my teachers could really benefit from an in-service on yoga. There is such a push for an increase in test scores, but students need a way to manage their stress and help stay focused. It would be really helpful if teachers had these yoga tools for building in breaks during the day and showing kids how to self-regulate.” Christianne Ottinger; K-5, Gifted, West Chester Area SD, PA

“The training inspired me to try new ways to redirect my challenging 1st grade.” Pam Barr; 1st Grade Teacher, Pickering Valley, Downingtown, PA

“I liked the saying that ‘play is the language of children’.” Brenda Foreman; Pre-K, Brandywine YMCA and Brandywine Preschool, PA

“I am looking forward to going home and playing with all my new toys.” Anne Faulkner; Yoga Teacher

“Yoga Ed has simplified yoga material to allow me to teach it in a school system while keeping the effect and depth enormous.” Tamara Gardner; Middle School Counselor, 6-8

“I can see the benefits in promoting yoga as a lifetime fitness option. Our students can really enjoy getting in tune with their minds and bodies as a whole, as opposed to separate entities.” Anne Kelly; Health and PE K-5, Allegheny K-5

“Excellent training. I enjoyed it and I am sure kids will too.” Ken; Health and PE K-5 Dilworth

“If you’re worried about tomorrow, you’ll miss what’s happening to you today.” Jo Ann Willey; Health and PE K-3, Minadeo

“Yoga is a way of life.” David Rifugiato; PE K-5, Miller/Banksville

“Yoga in Schools Training not only gives you more tools and techniques for the classroom, but also teaches you how to care for yourself.” Scott R. Mandarino; Health PE K-4, Faison

Breathing Wheel Testimonials

Last year at the Rankin Promise Program we set out to give away as many breathing wheels as possible. What is a breathing wheel? We are glad you asked:

A "breathing wheel" is a small ad specialty item that is actually a frisbee. It is very inexpensive but has served as a useful visual aid and kinesthetic learning tool that allows kids to immediately grasp the concept of deep belly breathin. Even the rowdiest of kids enjoy using the breathing wheel and notice that they feel an immediate calming effect.  Basically, they have evoked the relaxation response, a term first coined by Dr. Herbert Benson in 1975 with the release of his best-selling book by the same title. The parasympathetic nervous system activates and calms and soothes.

Click here to watch a short video of children using the breathing wheel.

brething wheel.png

The concept was to write in 100 words or less why you would like a breathing wheel. Here's what some people said in response to the phrase, "I would like a breathing wheel because . . . "


"I would like a breathing wheel because when I think I may lose my mind, this will help to keep me calm. This is a great tool to use as a whole group breathing exercise.” Jennifer Pane

"I would like a breathing wheel because I enjoy coming to yoga with my students. I do it with them because it also settles me for the rest of the day.” Cheryl Conners

"I would like a breathing wheel because there are times I’m totally frustrated and it might just take my mind off of things. Slowing my body down and relaxing would be a big help. Everyone needs to learn to relax and get themselves back under control.” Chris Donofrio

"I would like a breathing wheel because I can use this during my prep period or lunch to calm myself after a stressful morning with my challenging class.” Mrs. Livingston, Rankin

"I would like a breathing wheel because when I focus on my breathing it centers me and makes me feel calm and relaxed. The breathing wheel would be a visual reminder to breathe slowly, and using the wheel would help me to regulate my breathing.” Jane Dowling, Rankin

"I would like a breathing wheel because I would like to model its use. It will also help me with patience; taking the time to breathe, then act.“ Mr. Wilson


"I would like a breathing wheel because it will help me cope with frustrating situations throughout the day. There are ample amounts of opportunities to utilize the wheel daily. To operate effectively as a leader I must remain under control and have my mind fully intact.” LaMont Lyons, Ranking Promise Program


"I would like a breathing wheel because when I need to calm down when I am angry, it will help me calm down and help me breathe.”  Vincent

"I would like a breathing wheel because it will make me feel better when I get upset. It can help me with my anger. It can help me breathe nice and smooth. It can help me when I am sad. It can help me when something happens in my family.” Jamon

"I would like a breathing wheel because it could help me calm down and relax my movements.” Lameerah W.

"I would like a breathing wheel because I really think that I should have my own breathing wheel – I think it would calm me down when I am mad. I would be super happy if I got one of these.” Jamon P.

"I would like a breathing wheel because it helps me to focus on my breathing. I can calm down. If I am mad, I will use my wheel.”  Emmanuel

"I would like a breathing wheel because it would calm me down when I get mad.” Jalen

"I would like a breathing wheel because it helps me calm down and I can play with it like a frisbee.” Amari

"I would like a breathing wheel because it helps me calm down when I am silly.” Terrance

"I would like a breathing wheel because it can help me calm down when I am silly.” Devon

"I would like a breathing wheel because it’ll help me with my breathing. It is something that will keep me occupied. And also it’s something I can use to remember my time with Mrs. Spence.” Kahlil

"I would like a breathing wheel because I can calm down when I get angry or when I get mad, or when I didn’t get my way, or when I am silly with others.” Marcus

"I would like a breathing wheel because it will help me to stop being silly, or if I’m about to flip out, I will just pull this out of my desk and take deep breaths.” Jaylin L.

"I would like a breathing wheel because it will help me calm down when I am mad and it will help me focus and learn when I’m not focused. I can use this to learn how to calm down.” Demontre R.

"I would like a breathing wheel because it looks fun and it looks like it will calm me down when I am mad.” Terronol F.

"I would like a breathing wheel because it will help me relax.” Donyell L.

Other Testimonials

Joanne is as insightful and sensitive as she is authentic and direct. Her ability to be both inclusive and in charge is at the source of her efficacy and success as a leader. A gifted teacher and Trainer, Joanne masterfully engages students in alive learning, while she effortlessly commands both respect and love from her students.

Leah Kalish, CEO, Move-with-Me Yoga Adventures

Seeing yoga practiced by students at the Rankin Promise program is a great sight to see, especially with some of the situations and circumstances that our kids come from. There are no hardcore or tough guy images being displayed. The students are having fun and enjoying their time practicing yoga. I've heard students say, "Is the yoga lady coming today?" and "I like that yoga stuff." 

LaMont Lyons, Principal, Rankin Promise Program, Rankin, PA