Pittsburgh 2-Day Certification Training (Curriculum Certification)

Expand your Outreach, Effectiveness, & Income!

With the 30-Week Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum for Pre K – G2, Ages 3 - 8

Date: TBA

Venue:  Urban Oasis Pittsburgh, North Point Breeze

Hosted by Joanne Spence with Yoga in Schools and Urban Oasis Pittsburgh

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The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum integrates story, yoga/creative movement, self-regulation/mindfulness and fulfills the Early Learning Framework and Common Core Standards. It includes: 9 video classes – 16 Adventure Skills health/self-regulation flash cards – 1 poster -- 3 CDs of music – 30 weekly Lesson Plans with 200+ activities.

The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum has everything parents, teachers, and therapeutic professionals need to nurture children’s physical fitness, emotional stability, and learning readiness.

You qualify if you are a:

  • Kids’ Yoga Teacher or a Movement Teacher with a Yoga Practice
  • Educator with a Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training (10-20 hours)
  • Therapeutic professional (OT, PT, LSW, MFCT, etc.) with a Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training

Certified Trainers:

  • Sell the program to parents, educators, and administrators for 20% commission
  • Teach staff professional development & support school implementation
  • Receive professional listing, support, and referrals from MwM

Tuition: $400
Materials: $100 download / $200 + shipping hard copy
Must be purchased by Feb. 1st and brought with you to training
Certificate of Completion for 21 hours (14 contact/8 homework)
Syllabus/Outline available for submission for CEUs or professional development credits
Led by the creator of Yoga Pretzel & Planet Decks, Yoga Ed, and Move with Me™,  Leah Kalish, MA. / 818-667-3689

Hosted by Joanne Spence: / 412-287-4591

Summer & Winter Intensives (Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings)

Do You Want to Teach Yoga to Kids?

Learn fun, effective and trauma-informed ways to design and present yoga to children at home, school, studio and beyond. This training offers a template for how to map out class series and build individual lessons that transform yoga practices into playgrounds of self-discovery. Inspire and support kids in the development of important life skills such as mind-body awareness, connectedness to inner wisdom and resources, physical fitness, emotional stability, authentic self-confidence, and the ability to internally self-regulate through the playful exploration of yoga themes such as breathing, alignment, focus, flexibility, kindness, teamwork, resilience, finesse, and so much more. 

Explore …

How to Teach from Your Own Passions

How to Be Developmentally Appropriate

How to Engage and Empower Children through Play

How to Use Resources Creatively & Turn any Story into Movement

How to Plan Classes that are Focused, Fun and Meaningful

How to Hold a Safe and Powerful Learning Space  

Includes the 16-week Yoga Power Curriculum for Pre K – Grade 5 by Leah Kalish, MA (revised and updated by Joanne Spence).

Next Winter Intensive is January 10-12, 2020 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Click here for more details.

Districtwide Training for Health & Physical Education Teachers
  • Call us at 412.287.4591 for a free 45-minute initial consultation to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help.
  • Read our White Paper on Train-the-Trainer: A White Paper on the Delivery of District-Wide Yoga Education in Pittsburgh, PA here.
  • Locate the interested leaders and involve them in the planning of a yoga program for their areas. Embrace the early adopters and leaders and target future efforts on those groups/areas; don't  push anyone to be involved until they are ready.
  • Hold an all staff informational meeting (in-service) on the benefits of yoga. Collect information during that sessions on concerns; respond to questions; develop and plan with the staff.
  • Plan with the teachers/curriculum director to connect the program to teach skills that meet state and national standards. Yoga is not something that needs to be added to the curriculum (for example, it is not something extraneous to the HPE curriculum).
  • Sample pilot study/pilot program for elementary: Identify HPE teachers who are willing to teach yoga as PE (no other sport/activity) for at least 9 weeks and classroom teachers who are willing teach MBTT in every class for at least 9 weeks. Follow the progress of students and teachers who have received this level of yoga for 9 weeks. (Option to use pre- and post- tests for awareness, stress, attention, etc.)
  • Identify who on your staff is responsible/will take responsibility for teaching stress reduction and behavior management (SEL): behavior specialists? HPE teachers? Special Education teachers? Counselors?
  • Offer stress-reduction and self-care techniques to your staff and let them know that taking care of themselves is the first priority and is a necessary prerequisite to successfully teaching students to do the same.